Best Skateboards for Kids of 2021

It is so excited that skateboarding appeared for the first time in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Hiraki Kokona is only 12 years old when she won the silver medal of Woman's Park.

So how old a kid can start to play skateboards? Many experts advise that child should NOT play skateboards before 5. Kids between 6 and 10 need be supervised by adults when they play skateboards. If you want to buy a skateboard for your kids, you need to do some research first since there are so many types of skateboards in market. Based on it's size and shape, we have: Mini Skateboards, Old School Skateboards, Double-kick popsicle, Classic Longboard, Downhill longboards, and etc.

  • Mini Skateboards: Most common skateboard in the market. Easy to perform tricks and stunts. Very affordable and low maintenance cost.
  • Old School Skateboards: Old school skateboards have a tail similar to a fishtail. The deck shape is designed in a way that it looks classy and old fashioned.
  • Double-kick popsicle: Another popular and widely used skateboard design. Popsicle shape is easy for doing tricks.
  • Classic Longboard: Longboards are easier to balance and control. Can travel a long distance. It's difficult to carry, and poor at curves and doing tricks.
  • Downhill longboards: This is a unique longboard designed for a specific purpose. The downhill longboard has better stability and more speed than a classic longboard.

How to choose the best skateboard for kids? Here are things need to be consider before buying skateboard.

  • Height and Shoe Size: Based on children's height and shoe size to make the right decision. If your kids is still young, a mini skateboard might be a good choice.
  • Purpose of Using Skateboard: Do your kids want to use the skateboard as a transportation or play tricks in parks? Choose the appropriate type based on the purpose of your kids using the the skateboard.
  • Deck Material: Most decks are made of wood. But there are other types of material in market, like: plastic, fiberglass, and etc. Each material has its pros and cons, such as: price, weight, and durability.
  • Wheels: Choose the appropriate wheels size. The big wheels (over 60 mm) is for rougher surfaces and speed. Small wheels are safer for beginners. Start with small wheels if your kids is still young .

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

7 layers Canadian maple deck,31.75"*7.88", offers perfect balance between toughness and weight. Maximum load weight up to 330 pounds, equipped with 5 inch magnesium alloy trucks. Design for beginners and skilled, double kick dissymmetric concave combines with customized emery sand paper give your feet enough locked feeling ,help you learn new tricks quickly. Minimalist Black&White graphic design , printed with thermal transfer printing process allows greater print durability.

  • 7 layers Canadian maple deck
  • High rebound PU wheels
  • Minimalist Black&White graphic design

Hikole Complete PRO Skateboard

31"x 8" full size double kick concave design; Ideal for BEGINNER doing some basic stunts such 360's, OL action and a few other basic tricks. High density 7 layer Canadian maple wood classical TRICKS skate board; Max supporting weight 220 lobs (100KG), suitable for adult kids age 5 years up. High quality black grip tape on the board which provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating on the wood skateboard.

  • Affordable
  • No assembly required
  • Gender neutral designs

SANSIRP Music Skateboard

The surface of the skateboard has a matte texture, which helps to better prevent slippage and maintain its stability during use, making it difficult for the rider to fall, and when the wheel slides, the wheel will start emitting different bright, making the driving Looks cool when riding! It can randomly switch between up and down songs and control the volume, which can be adjusted according to your own habits. It also has a Micro SD Card and a charging port, allowing you to have a varied experience of skateboarding.

  • 2-in-1 skateboard
  • Led lights in wheels
  • Rechargeable speakers & lights

PHOEROS Skateboards for Beginners

PHOEROS Complete Skateboards use 7 Lays 31’L x 8’W x 4’H Canadian Maple Provide More Stability and Safety for Users. Skateboards Max Load 220lbs Fit for Adults and Kids Beginners and Professional Skaters. PHOEROS Skateboards use 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu Wheels with Strong Grip, Easy Fit on All Kinds of Roads. The Skateboards Wheels with High Speed Silence ABEC-11 Bearing Provide Smoothly and Speed Glide.

  • Wide deck
  • Strong construction
  • Smooth & stable ride

Beleev Classic Mini Skateboard with Non-Slip Fishtail Deck

Beleev Unique Deck: Featuring of ultimate flex, strength and serious grip from the fishtail deck, ensure non-slip, stability and safety when riding. Mini skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to enjoy your joyride with this fully assembled cruiser! The cruiser is made of polypropylene, sturdy and durable, support riders up to 220lbs. The cruiser skateboard comes with 3.25" thick aluminum trucks for maximum speed and control. 30° kicktail for added control when riding and wheel wells to prevent wheel bite, perfect for various maneuvers.

  • Stable board for beginners
  • Light-up wheels
  • Easy to transport

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