Best Magic Kits for Kids of 2021

Magic has been amazed human being since it was first invented. And these, with the better understanding of the material and all the other technology, magic has been beyong our imagination.

From appearing and disappearing tricks, to levitation and object bending, both adults and children are mesmerized by magic tricks. Children, in particular, will sit for hours captivated by magicians. And if your kid is one of them, then buy a magic kit gives them the opportunity to create their very own magical illusions.

In this article, we will show you something you need to consider when buy a kit.

  • Age Appropriate

    It’s true that people of all ages love magic and magic tricks. However, not all tricks can be performed by kids. Check the manufactory instruction and make sure it is suited to your kid's age.

  • Safty

    As with any other toy you purchase for your kids, make sure to inspect it thoroughly upon opening the package. Especially for the magic kit, it might contain small pieces. And some trick might involve chemical reaction. So it's better for you watch them over for the first time.

  • Skill level

    If your kid has never got their hands on magic, it is better to start with simple one instead of complex one. A little challenge goes a long way. But too many challenges will just scare them away.

  • Instruction

    A straightforward manual will help your child’s understanding. It is even better if the kit has video tutorial. It is always easy for kids to follow by watch people do it slow motion.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations along with the features for each one. Hope you find it helpful.

Melissa & Doug Classic Tricks

This set features 10 magic tricks, including Disappearing Ball, Magic Coin Box, Secret Silks, Great Escape, Magic Number Prediction, Money Maker, Egyptian Prediction, Vanishing Zone, Cylinder Squeeze, and Vanishing Coin

  • Easy to learn magic tricks
  • Cool & sturdy storage box
  • Child-friendly instructions

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Unique educational kit will teach you the science behind the magic. Create a Wizard Wand, Magic Hat, Fizzy Frenzy, Hocus Pocus Powder, Test Tube Crystal Ball, Glow in the Dark Bubbling Potion and more. Includes chemicals, 4 test tubes with stand, 1 clear tube wand with 2 caps, 2 measuring scoops, Purple paper, star stickers and activity guide.

  • Science-based magic kit
  • Cast spells & create concoctions
  • Fun for the whole family

Marvin's Magic Fifty Greatest Card tricks

Unbelievable card tricks for old and young alike. Includes an exclusive book of secret instructions, magic cards, and various card tricks. Packaged in a giftable tin! Recommended for magicians 8 years and up.

  • Easily portable
  • Entertainment for all ages
  • Excellent icebreaker

Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Perform magic in no time with step-by-step instructional DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes. Filled with over 100 of the greatest magic tricks and props, plus a magic hat and wand. Includes a special magician's magic deck of cards and high quality props to perform mind-blowing tricks.

  • Access to online videos
  • Magician’s hat makes for serious business
  • Versatile suitcase

Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit Black

Includes props for performing more than 550 magic tricks, like Money Printer or the classic Cups & Balls; along with detailed, step-by-step directions. The instructional DVD makes learning easy & fun! Plus, you'll also receive a bonus DVD teaching you how to levitate anywhere, anytime with no props!

  • Learn from a master illusionist
  • Hundreds of magic tricks
  • Levitation secrets included

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