Best Kids Hoverboards of 2021

Finding the best hoverboards for kids, however, can prove challenging — you have a variety of options. But before we shared you some ideas of how to find the right hoverboard, you should first confirm is your kid at the right age to play a hoverboard.

Today’s hoverboards that are designed with kids in mind are relatively safe, as long as they have the right safety certifications and are age-appropriate. However, you should still avoid purchasing a hoverboard for young children. Ideally, they should be over 8 years old before they get one.

And here are something more to consider during the purchase:

  • Size: In the world of hoverboards, size is generally estimated using the wheel’s diameter. For younger children, it’s best to look for wheels that are no larger than 5 to 6.5 inches.
  • Kid friendly: Not many manufacturers state an age limit, some are designed specifically for children. Look for slow speeds and kid-friendly designs.
  • Parent control: Some boards come with an app that allows parents to limit the speed. A parent-controlled speed limit is always a plus to look for with young children or beginners.
  • Battery: Find out how far the board goes between charges.
  • Tire type: There are pros and cons for plastic and rubber tires. Know where you want your kid ride the board and buy the board with right tires.
  • Bonus features: Most hoverboards for children have some fun features such as color-changing LED or Bluetooth speaker.

LIEAGLE Scooter Hover Board with Wheels LED Lights

LIEAGLE Hoverboard have passed strict electrical test and meet UL2272 standards to ensure safety. Built-in wireless speaker can be easily connected to portable devices in second, just enjoy your favorite music or books without wearing headphones. Full of technology and easy to learn for beginners and amateurs, Our hoverboard keeps children safe while bringing fun.

  • Unique LED & Bluetooth
  • 6.5" Self Balancing Scooter
  • Specially designed for beginners

Hover-1 Drive Electric Hoverboard

Reaches speeds up to 7 mph For a fun ride. Battery level indicator describes you how much power is left. Built-in battery to let you travel quickly and efficiently. The scooter can handle any rider weighing up to 160 lbs.

  • Reaches speeds up to 7 mph
  • Battery level indicator
  • Weight capacity: up to 160 lbs

SWAGTRON Bluetooth Hoverboard with LED 6.5 inch Wheels

SWAGTRON has a high-quality speaker for music! Dual 6.5" Translucent LED Wheels Powered By 250W Motors. Supports Riders Up To 200 lbs At Speeds Up To 7.5mph. Powered By All New LiFePo Battery Technology Made Using Nonflammable Lithium-Phosphate (LiFePO4)

  • Powered By 250W Motors
  • 6.5" Translucent LED Wheels
  • iPhone & Android App

Felimoda Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12

6.5" wheels self balancing scooter with high quality rubber tires provide excellent traction on most surfaces. The pedal is designed to be slip-resistant, avoid falling. Hover boards with built-in wireless bluetooth speaker can be easily connected to portable devices. The LED light design allows you to enjoy unlimited dazzle and fun when driving at night.

  • Easy to use & stable control
  • Unique LED & Bluetooth
  • Safty certificated

All Terrain Hoverboards with Bluetooth Speaker

6.5 inch solid off-road tire hitting speed for up to 3.75-7.75 miles, powered by 300W*2 motors with high enery battery,You will feel free to ride on grass, dirt, gravel or wet surfaces! Hover board Built-in branded high-quality Music Bluetooth Speaker and Gyroor APP to allow you to enjoy your favorite music in a safe riding.

  • Offroad All-terrian Tire
  • Mucic Speaker and Smart APP
  • Self-balance hoverboards

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