Best Educational Toys for 6-Year-Olds of 2021

Each kid's development is different. It is entirely normal for a child to be ahead of their peers in some areas and behind them in others. But as a parent, you want to make sure your kid acheive the standard milestone for the kid at that age.

Then what you should expect a kid at 6 to do? Below is a general guideline

  • Physical growth and development

    • Can tell you their age.
    • Can count to and understand the concept of "10." For example, they can count 10 pieces of candy.
    • Are learning to express themselves well through words.
    • Begin to understand cause-and-effect relationships. "Magical thinking" typical of preschoolers quickly fades around this age.
    • Are learning to write.
    • Start to grasp the concept of time.
  • Language development

    • Are able to describe a favourite television show, movie, story, or other activity.
    • Speak with correct grammar most of the time.
    • Can spell their first name and can write some letters and numbers.
    • Read some simple words.
  • Sensory and motor development

    • Can control their major muscles. They usually have good balance and enjoy running, jumping, skipping, and other forms of physical play.
    • Can catch a ball.
    • Skip with ease.
    • Draw a person with at least 8 parts. They can also copy different shapes and like to make designs.
    • Can write their names.
    • Dress themselves, although they may still need some help with difficult buttons or laces.

With so many options available, what you should consider when choose suitable educational toys for a 6-year-old? Here are some tips from us:

  • Safty

    By the time your child is 6 years, choking hazards are no longer a big concern. Now you’ll want to look for toys that are free from harmful or potentially harmful materials and will not break up into dangerous pieces.

  • Durability

    We all know kid's toys don't last longer. But it is important that they stand up to use for at least a year. Hence, look for items that are well made from quality materials.

  • Purpose

    Choose toys that cover a variety of skills and academic areas. Toys that provide an opportunity to develop artistic and physical skills are just as important as those focusing on reading.

  • Kid's perference

    I would say this is very important and but get overlooked by parents. Sometimes, parents think they are buying something for kid's good. But if your kids don't like it at all, then it is still a kind of waste. Talk with your kids and explain what the toy does before make a purchase. Sometimes, surprise is not always good.

Creativity for Kids Create with Clay Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs allow children to both learn and fantasize about prehistoric times through imaginative play. Combine adventure, art, science and fun for the perfect Steam activity! Continue learning with fun dinosaur facts - included. This open-ended crafting experience allows children to create their own unique dinosaur, just add imagination!

  • Durable, reusable skeletons
  • Combines art & science
  • Comes in other variants

Gears! Gears! Gears! Robots in Motion

This 116-piece set includes all of the twisting gears, rolling wheels, spinning eyes, and othet pieces necessary to create new robot friends. Includes Activity Guide with suggested builds. Master engineering, critical thinking, and other STEM skills with every build!

  • Compatible with other sets
  • Structured & free-form play
  • Screen-free & non-motorized

Spin-a-roo Counting and Sorting Board Game

Keep young learners excited about practicing their sorting and counting skills with two levels of play. Early learners will enjoy the sorting game – a race to match the most numbers and colors on their card. Advanced learners will love the counting game – a race to collect the most tokens by counting up and down from one to ten.

  • Two games in one
  • Spinning device creates excitement
  • Teaches color & number

Sphero Specdrums App-Enabled Musical Rings

Discover music creation without spending money on expensive, singular instruments with Sphero Specdrums. Tap any surface, or the included play pad, to create sounds, loops, and beats. This app-enabled music toy is scalable for all skills levels, from curious-minded kids to seasoned musicians.

  • Durable silicone construction
  • Portable for travel
  • Versatile & engaging

Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Botley helps your child learn early STEM skills while playing and having fun. He teaches kids to code with active, screen-free play that's perfect for promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills. Botley is ready to code right out of the box! Have 5 AAA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver nearby and this coding robot will have your kid coding in minutes with code games, creativity and fun.

  • No gadgets required
  • Attention holding & versatile
  • Flexible play options

Magic School Bus: Engineering Lab

Ms Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with The Magic School Bus as they explore the fascinating world of engineering. Young scientists are asked by Ms. Frizzle to solve all kinds of fun and unique problems that lead to discoveries in the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical and even civil engineering.

  • Follows Magic School Bus show
  • 33 experiments to try
  • Progressively builds knowledge

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

Start monkeying around with Monkey Balance - a fun and interactive game for kids to learn simple addition and subtraction! Simply grab a card and put the correct quantity of Monkeys on one side of the scale, and the corresponding Number on the other side to balance the scale!

  • Promotes logical thinking
  • 65-piece set
  • BPA, lead, and phthalate free

Galt Toys Slime Lab Science Kits

Delve into the wonderful world of science for children with the Explore and Discover range from Galt. Each fun-packed science kit contains an assortment of exciting experiments, ideal for engaging the imagination and encouraging early STEM learning in young scientists.

  • Simple, age-appropriate science
  • No household items needed
  • Fun experiments

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

Go beyond countries and their capitals with this enhanced globe that explores cultures, animals, habitats, and more through 5+ hours of BBC videos. Tap anywhere using the stylus to hear thousands of facts, interact with unique games and trigger videos that let kids visually experience the world

  • Passive & active learning
  • Wide range of knowledge
  • Stylus is attached to base

Outdoor Explorer Gear Deluxe Play Set

This outdoor playset has anything a young wanderer may need; a pair of binoculars, a bug catcher, three bug containers, a compass, a whistle, two different-sized magnifying glasses, a butterfly net, a clipboard, a pencil, a pair of tweezers, six pretend play bugs, practical backpack to store them all and NOW INCLUDES CARGO VEST AND HAT!

  • Explorer vest has plenty of pockets
  • Working compass
  • Clipboard encourages note-taking

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