Best Board Games for Kids Play and Learn

Usually, kids can start to play board games when they are turning to 5. However, since they are still pretty young, they won't enjoy the games with too many rules. Moreover, they have a relatively short playtime. Hence, it is important to find appropriate board games according to their ages.

But before you start the hunting of the right board games. Let's talk about the benefits of board games. Why we, parents, need to let kids play board games. There are many benefits and here are some of them:

  • Boosting communication skills: You and your child will discuss the rules and gameplay, and speak with each other during and after the games. They’ll also develop listening skills and vocabulary
  • Enhancing social skills: Playing board games teaches a child to take turns, wait patiently, lose gracefully, and have empathy for the feelings of others.
  • Developing focus: Playing board games helps your child sit still, focus, and pay attention to what is happening — an essential skill for school.
  • Strengthening relationships: It is always good to spend time with your kids. You will create good memory with your kids while play game with them.

If these benefits sound attempting to you, here are some tips for you to find appropriate board games for your kids.

  • Child's preferences: The board game should align with those interests. For example, if you kids love animals, you can find animal-themed board games or your kids like sports then sport-themed games are good options. In a word, your kids must like the game, otherwise, they won't play at all.
  • Number of players: Try to find the games that can be played with a flexible number of players and avoid those that only work with specific number of players.
  • Budget: Starts with a lower end of the price range, so you don't put too much money on something uncertain. If it turns out they do enjoy board games, then it is worth investing a bit more for a high-quality game that will grow with your child.
  • Education: While not every game has to be an academic learning experience, an educational element can be a big benefit of playtime.

To ease your process of finding the right board games, we have hand picked some great board games for early age kids.

GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game

GoTrovo is an action-packed pirate scavenger hunt board game for the whole family. Spark your children's imagination with this captivating challenge that combines brain-teasing clues with a sense of adventure. Follow the trail, crack the clues and collect the treasure in the loot bag along the way. The game ends when you solve the final mystery to find the hidden golden treasure bar.

  • For the whole family
  • Award winning
  • Fun way to learn

Bugs in the Kitchen Board Game

Bugs in the Kitchen comes with 1 game board, 18 pegs, 1 special Edition HEXBUG Nano, 4 traps, 24 utensils, 20 bug tokens, 1 die, 2 trapdoors and instructions. It is a fun family board game for kids and adults. Roll the die! Create a path! Trap the bug! Special hexbug lasts for hundreds of play sessions. It can even be played with outside the game!

  • High quality components
  • Great replay value
  • Easy to learn and play

Heroic Stacking Card Game

Rhino Hero is out and about again. The super hero from the animal world fearlessly scales the highest houses looking for burglars and rogues. He is strong as a lion and as smart as a fox, but also as heavy as a rhinoceros. So when Rhino Hero is around even the most robust tower may start to wobble. A heroic 3D card-stacking game for 2-5 players ages 5 and up Made of Sturdy Cardboard. Contents: 31 roof cards (= action cards), 28 walls, 1 foundation (= starting card) and 1 Rhino Hero.

  • Learn in 2 minutes!
  • Up to 5 players
  • Skill & strategy game

Ticket to Ride First Journey Board Game

First Journey offers unique rules designed for a younger audience that retain the strategy, charm, and fun of the original Ticket to Ride. The whole family will enjoy claiming routes and completing Tickets. First Journey is the perfect way to introduce young players to the game of cross-country travel. This kid and family board game can be played with 2 to 4 players. The average playtime is 15-30 minutes.

  • Fast and easy to learn
  • Strategy game
  • Played with 2 to 4 players

Blokus Strategy Board Game

Perfect strategy game for the whole family -- less than a minute to learn with fun challenges for all ages! Players take turns placing their 21 pieces on the board. Each piece must touch another of the same color, but only at the corners! Stake your claim and protect your territory by fitting as many of your pieces on the board as possible while strategically blocking your opponents!

  • Fun family game
  • 30 mintues playing time
  • XL game board - 2 inches larger than the regular game

The Floor is Lava - Interactive Game

The Floor is Lava! is a game where players must imagine the floor is molten hot lava while spinning the color wheel to jump to the right foam pieces to reach safety. The Floor is Lava! is a family game that promotes physical activity, an active imagination, and engaging excitement for kids and adults. This great game is best with 2 to 6 players who are ages 5 years old and up. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this game which comes with 25 colored foam “safety stones”, 27 challenge cards, game spinner, and instructions.

  • Great party game
  • Promotes physical activity
  • For kids and adults

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